Sydney Opera House Seating Plan

The Opera House Sydney is not just a beautiful landmark with its famous sail-shaped shells roof. Still, its interior is also a wonder to behold.

Anyone visiting here can enjoy a range of incredible performances and experiences in its six unique theaters, which will leave them in amazement.

With multiple performance venues, the building offers a variety of seating options for its visitors. 

However, some seats have a better viewing experience than others. 

This article will guide you to the seating arrangements for the best possible experience.

Sydney Opera House Seating Plan Concert Hall

“This is the greatest indoor performing space on the Earth” by singer and songwriter Ben Harper.

The Sydney Opera House Concert Hall is known for its cathedral-like ambiance, stunning acoustics, and impressive architecture.

It is the highlight and the largest venue of the Opera House.

With a seating capacity of 2679 people, it hosts classical music concerts. 

It also hosts various performances, such as rock, pop, and jazz concerts, theatrical productions, and ceremonies. 

Every year, the Concert Hall hosts more than 300 performances.

The concert hall features the largest mechanical tracker-action pipe organ with over 1000 pipes.

Its stage features a unique design with high vaulted ceilings and curved walls decked with birch timber paneling.

Many renowned artists and orchestras have performed at the venue, making it popular with music lovers worldwide.

Best Seats in the Theatre

The venue’s sound system is flawless, making all the seats perfect. 

However, if you are attending a play or musical, the middle seats of the stalls after row J can serve the best views, and the front row of the circle would be great for spectacular views. 

Best Seats with reasonable prices and Views

The first circle sections’ middle row seats are cheaper than premium seats with distinct stage views.

And if you are attending a concert, choose from the box seats and enjoy the concert with flawless sound quality.

Sydney Opera House seating Plan Joan Sutherland Theatre

The home of Australian Ballet and Opera Australia is a tribute to Australian dramatic coloratura soprano Joan Sutherland. 

It is the second-largest indoor venue in the Sydney Opera House, with a seating capacity of up to 1507.

It is not an ordinary theater. It has a stunning proscenium arch and an orchestra pit accommodating up to 70 musicians. 

Unlike other theaters, where the stage scenery is moved from the sides of the stage, the scenery is raised to the stage by two large lifts in this theater. 

Best Seats in the Theater

Middle seats in rows D to H of the stalls offer a great view of the stage.

These seats are premium as they offer a clear view of the stage without obstructions.

Best Seats with reasonable prices and Views

Two options are available that come under budget and have the best views.

Seats in the middle rows of the stalls in the corner and middle row seats in the circle section offer a decent view for their affordable price.

Drama Theatre Sydney Opera House Seating Plan

Beneath the iconic sails of the building, the Drama Theatre has a thrust stage, which means the audience surrounds it on three sides.

This makes it an intimate and more immersive experience than the Joan Sutherland Theatre.

The theater’s seating capacity is 544, making it one of the smaller venues in the Opera House with a proscenium arch.

Living up to its name, it hosts intimate productions by renowned companies such as Bamgarra Dance, Bell Shakespeare, and Sydney Theatre Company.

Apart from performances, it is also known for hosting lively discussions and debates during popular festivals like the Festival of Dangerous Ideas and the All About Women Festival twice a year.

Best Seats in the Theatre

The theater is relatively small, so only one seating option is available.

The front few rows offer a spectacular view of the stage, making them the best, but the middle and rear seats also provide decent views.

Best Seats with reasonable prices and Views

The middle and rear seats of the stall section can be a great value-for-money option.

They provide a comparable view to the front-row seats while being a cheaper option.

Sydney Opera House Playhouse Seating Plan

While the other venues in the Sydney Opera House are for adults, the Playhouse is a storytelling space targeting young audiences, along with dance and experimental theatrical experiences.

It is a more intimate performance space than the other venues, with a seating capacity of 398 people.

The primary function of this venue was an orchestra chamber, but it was later modified to a relaxed performance arts space.

Best Seats in the Theatre

With an intimate space, most of the seats in the Playhouse offer a similar view.

However, seats 10 to 16 in rows B to E offer a direct view of the stage, making these an ideal viewpoint for a first-class experience without any obstructions. 

Best Seats with reasonable prices and Views

With only 398 seats, the price range is similar.

But still, if you want to enjoy the performance without cutting into your pocket, choose the middle seats in the rear rows.

These seats offer a clear, unobstructed view of the stage; the only difference is the distance from the stage.


The studio at the Sydney Opera House is the most flexible venue, which can be changed to meet the requirements of the performances.

It has a seating capacity of around 300 guests.

During the day, it offers delightful shows for younger audiences.

And at night, it transforms into a thrilling venue showcasing incredible cabaret and circus performances worldwide.

Best Seats in the Theatre

Due to its adaptability, it is challenging to suggest the ideal seating options as each performance may have different seating arrangements and perspectives.

Utzon Room

As the name says, the room is a tribute to Jørn Utzon, the designer of the Sydney Opera House.

The smallest venue in the Sydney Opera House is the only room Jorn Utzon has entirely designed. 

It perfectly exemplifies his design aesthetic, emphasizing harmony with the natural world. 

The room features a vibrant tapestry on the western wall, also designed by Utzon, and an impressive view of Sydney Harbour from the eastern wall. 

The Utzon Room often hosts small-scale events, parties, and corporate functions.


The Forecourt is the only largest airspace in front of the Sydney Opera House, facing the stunning Sydney Harbour.

It is also home to the most fabulous and famous performance spaces, attracting visitors worldwide.

With a standing capacity of up to 6000 general admissions, it hosted several large-scale performances from global artists like Sting, Oprah, Crowded House, Florence and Machine, Bjork and the Wiggles, and many others.


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